List of Services

If you require notary services, look no further. AMD Notary Solutions can provide document notarization, signature witnessing, and oath administration with ease and efficiency. Contact me to experience a hassle-free process that will leave you satisfied.

General Notary

A notary is a public official entrusted with the task of verifying the authenticity and legality of various documents. They play a pivotal role in confirming the identity of individuals signing the documents, witnessing their signatures, and administering oaths when necessary. 

Loan Signing (Coming Soon)

A loan signing agent is a professional who facilitates the signing and execution of loan documents on behalf of borrowers and lenders during real estate transactions. Their primary role is to ensure that all necessary loan documents are properly signed, initialed, and notarized according to legal requirements. 

Remote Notary (Coming Soon)

A remote notary performs notarization services online, using video conferencing and electronic signatures to verify identities, witness signatures, and notarize documents without physical presence.